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xrc::RedisPool Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool Init (uint32_t typesize)
bool SetHashBase (uint32_t cachetype, uint32_t hashbase)
uint32_t GetHashBase (uint32_t cachetype)
bool ConnectRedisGroup (uint32_t cachetype, uint32_t sliceindex, const std::string &host, uint32_t port, const std::string &passwd, uint32_t poolsize, uint32_t timeout, uint32_t role)
RedisConnectionGetConnection (uint32_t cachetype, uint32_t index, uint32_t ioType=MASTER)
void FreeConnection (RedisConnection *redisconn)
void Keepalive ()
void Release ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CheckReply (const redisReply *reply)
static void FreeReply (const redisReply *reply)

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